Copywriting 101 Series: Part One - Blogging For Your Business

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Copywriting 101 Series: Part One - Blogging For Your Business

A blog about the benefits of blogging? Talk about a mind-melt.

Although studies have proven that as a collective, our attention spans are shrinking at a rapid pace and the majority of the population won’t read much further past the very first line of a blog post (yikes!), what you may not know is of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

* Definition of SEO: The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Yes, videos are fun to watch and captivating as heck, but what they can’t do is help your website gain traction and rank high on Google. For example, say you have a handcrafted soap company (what’s up, Good Neighbour Soap!). You want your potential customers to find you quickly easily, right? So, when they google “Handmade Soap Ottawa” if your website is optimized, it will appear (ideally) on the first page of their Google search. Best case scenario, you’re #1.

Luckily, with the internet always right at our fingertips, there are a lot of articles explaining how to best optimize your site. That being said, it can be overwhelming as heck so we’re here to provide you with what we consider to be the best of the best easy, attainable hacks.

1) Find Your Keywords; Then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Think of the words associated with your company. Let’s use Good Neighbour Soap again as an example. 

Quickly just at the top of mind, we’ve got: “handcrafted”, “soap”, “skincare”, “natural”, “gift”, etc. Before you nail down which ones you should repeat in your blog post, do a quick keyword planner search to see which ones rank high in search and low in competition.

* A good tool we like to use (that has a free 30-day trial!) is Moz. It’s super user-friendly and will direct you to the best words to use for optimization.

2) Interlink Your Blog Posts to Increase Traffic

This tip is the absolute key to blogging. Not only does it help with SEO, but it also gets your reader to dig a little deeper into your site.

Chances are the topic you’ve chosen for the blog post will have lots of sub-topics. Perfect! Use that as an opportunity to interlink to other posts you’ve written in the past.

3) Start Small

Don’t overwhelm yourself in thinking your blog posts have to be a certain length or word-count. Although, yes, the wordier the post the better it will rank for SEO, it’s always a good idea to start small and then eventually work your way to something beefier.

All this to say, blogging is very much alive in 2020 however it has a different purpose now than it did years ago. What may seem like a super niche subject to write about may 1) Actually help someone out (fingers crossed!) or 2) Help out with SEO and lead your dream customer right to your front door.

Either way, blogging’s a good idea so have at ‘er!