Side Hustle Series: Part I - The Rise & Grind

Side Hustle Series: Part I - The Rise & Grind

While working more than one job isn’t a new concept, the “side hustle” (aka a gig worked on top of a typical 9-to-5) is becoming increasingly popular for 20- and 30-somethings across the globe.

Creatives and “big ideas” people are being seduced by promises of freedom, flexibility, and location-independence. And let’s be real. If we could all make money doing what we love, instead of busting our backsides bringing in the bacon for someone else’s dream… Isn’t that worth exploring?

While side-hustling and the gig economy have been taking some heat recently for perpetuating an unhealthy culture of overwork, we at Makerspace think that when started with intention, a side hustle is in many ways a necessary first step to flying solo—particularly because it lets you test a product concept (and your market) before kissing a predictable paycheque goodbye.

So, why are Canadians side-hustling? 

According to a Vistaprint survey conducted of 2,000 gainfully employed Canadians, 22% have taken their creative hobby and turned it into a side business, and 60% have plans to do so in the future. Of the group, 50% said that the main driver for starting a side hustle was “increasing disposable income”. Other reasons that scored highly were “doing something enjoyable” and “being productive in spare time.”

At Makerspace North, we live and breathe the hustle. 

In this new blog series, we’ll meet the makers who side-hustle (including some members from the Makerspace Hustle team). And, some of our more established tenants will share their stories about how they scaled up to full-time hustle. 

Happy reading!