Twisty puzzles aren’t just for nerds

Twisty puzzles aren’t just for nerds

It takes a clever mind to solve a Rubik’s cube, but it takes an even shrewder one to conceptualize, design, and manufacture a twisty puzzle from the ground up.

Our tenants Laura, Amun, and Julian of Polytwist Designs are doing just that. And let us tell you, what they’re doing it very impressive stuff.

It all began at a 2015 Rubik’s cube competition where the three mechanical engineering students (each with a passion for twisty puzzles and the maker community) met. They became friends, yada yada yada, and over the years have designed dozens of new puzzles and participated at a bunch of events and shows.

Polytwist’s goal is to make interesting, challenging, (but mostly) fun Rubik’s cube designs and show the world that twisty puzzles aren’t just for nerds, they can be enjoyed by everyone.

At Makerspace North we’ve seen how their products go through an intense design and prototyping process right here in Ottawa:

  • They use CAD software to design intricate mechanisms for their products
  • 3D Printers help bring the puzzles to life
  • Each puzzle is assembled by hand and tested to ensure it meets Polytwist’s standards
  • They automate their sticker plotting to ensure perfectly straight lines and beautifully rounded corners

It’s no wonder their awesome puzzles are selling like hotcakes. Grab your Christmas Tree puzzle today in the shop, and be sure to give Polytwist a follow on social media!