MakerSpace North 

At the core, we're a collective group of people from different walks and working in divergent industries with the shared goal of following our purpose and passion through work. Our space may facilitate the development of projects, but it's the community who amplifies the process and turns it into an experience. That's what makes our space, and what we do, so special.

Every business within Makerspace North operates independently, offering services, products, or workshops, to enhance the space and grow the community. We create alongside one another sharing tools, equipment, resources, and knowledge.


As a proud Kind Business, we support our community by championing entrepreneurial and creative pursuits. When you support our business you are also supporting the community and making a meaningful impact that will help everyone thrive - and for that we are grateful!


MakerSpace North Team

Adam Wilk, Space Director

Adam is an entrepreneur and creative who is passionate about helping makers and small businesses grow. After starting his company and building it through the programs at Makerspace North, he now focuses on how we can better serve the community and make change.

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The only rule of making: there are no rules.

That’s our motto at the MShop. From maker swag to curated kits, the MShop offers a space for makers of all levels to represent and get creative.  

MShop was inspired by the Makerspace North community where the shop resides. We want to bring fun and innovation into everything we do. That’s exactly why we opened up the MShop: to get more people making in Ottawa and beyond.

Check out our collection in person at Makerspace North, or explore our online store.