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MakerSpace North 

At the core, we're a collective group of people from different walks and working in divergent industries with the shared goal of following our purpose and passion through work. Our space may facilitate the development of projects, but it's the community who amplifies the process and turns it into an experience. That's what makes our space, and what we do, so special.

Every business within Makerspace North operates independently, offering services, products, or workshops, to enhance the space and grow the community. We create alongside one another sharing tools, equipment, resources, and knowledge.



Makerspace North was founded in August 2015 by John Criswick, an Ottawa-area serial entrepreneur with a unique background in electrical engineering and quantum mechanics. Criswicks’ vision for the organization was to offer up 19,000 sq.ft. of mixed-use spacea warehouse with adjoining officesto local creators. It would function as a community hub and startup incubator (unlike a traditional makerspace, which provides equipment and tools for members to use).

From 2016-2019, Makerspace North operated predominantly as an event and local gathering space. During that time, tenants and visitors shared knowledge and engaged in a vast array of workshops, maker meetups, craft fairs, field trips, concerts, garage sales, courses, indoor drone flights…you name it.

In 2019, Makerspace North started construction on over three dozen new dedicated rental workspaces for emerging Ottawa startups, returning to its roots as an incubator. Today, the team is focused on finding the right talent and developing creative ways to better support local businesses through partnerships.

Since its inception, Makerspace North has supported over 100 tenants in such fields as tech, arts, and science in growing their business and bringing their vision to life. Just a few examples of notable Ottawa businesses that had their start at Makerspace North include Ottawa City Woodshop, Backyard Edibles and Bluebird Upcycle.


MakerSpace North Team

Adam Wilk, Space Director

Adam is an entrepreneur and creative who is passionate about helping makers and small businesses grow. After starting his company and building it through the programs at Makerspace North, he now focuses on how we can better serve the community and make change.

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As a proud Kind Business, we support our community by championing entrepreneurial and creative pursuits. When you support our business you are also supporting the community and making a meaningful impact that will help everyone thrive - and for that we are grateful!